Les Misérables - 1997 UK tour (with Stig Rossen as Valjean)

I got some of these pictures from a friend who scanned them from the actual brochure. Others I found on arenapal - I’m guessing they’re from this tour as well based on the other cast members. (some of the solo pictures of Stig were also used in the 1997/1998 West End brochures when he returned to the London production)

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Didn’t Michael Ball eventually say he wished he’d never done it?BOOOOOOOOO.

Not really. He joked at one point that he “would rather stick needles in his eyes” than do Eurovision again. I’ve never heard him say that he regrets doing the ESC but I’m sure that he wouldn’t do it again.

He’s said many times that he loved most of the Eurovision - just not the voting at the end. (i’m sure it didn’t help that the song the UK public picked for him wasn’t his favourite) But to this day he still performs the song in concert :)

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Another news segment about Stig’s anniversary performance last night - this one also includes a few clips from act 2 as well as clips from the curtain call and the celebration afterwards

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Mr. Misérables - Stig Rossen (1500+ performances)

  1. London (1990-1992)
  2. Denmark (1993)
  3. Far East tour (1996)
  4. South Africa (1996)
  5. UK tour (1997)
  6. London (1997-1998)
  7. Scandinavian concert tour (2002)
  8. Denmark non-replica tour (2003-2004)
  9. Denmark non-replica (2014)
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Anders Bircow doing a parody of Eminem’s “Without Me”

This is from one of the shows Anders does with Preben Kristensen and Thomas Eje - together known as “Linie 3”. They do a mix of song, comedy, impressions etc.

Maybe now you understand why I was a little scared he would go the Matt Lucas route with his interpretation of Thénardier. Thankfully it didn’ turn out that way at all. :)

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Michael remembering his time at Eurovision back in 1992 and gives Molly some advice.

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Michael Ball & Terry Wogan - Eurovision 1992

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Best scene of the night!

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Does anyone have some pictures of Stig Rossen as Valjean from the 1997 UK tour?
I need them because of reasons :)
It’s the only production he has been in that i dont have anything from

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so you guys should definitely watch patrick stewart and ian mckellen play the newlywed game and take it very, very seriously and do very, very badly

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